Local Hero: Repair Cafes

Sometimes it seems that everything is designed to break but you can still repair things! YouTube is a great resource for repair videos but if, like me, you’re less practical, then a repair cafe might be just what you’re looking for.

They happen about once a month and you can take in one broken item. Volunteers will guide you through the repair so that not only do you get a fixed item (if possible, there are no guarantees obviously) but also learn new skills.

Greater Manchester currently has 2 operating cafes and 3 still in the planning stages:

  • Manchester Repair Cafe – hosted monthly by Stitched Up
  • Levenshulme repair cafe
  • Boothstown Repair Cafe will be having their first session on October 6th at Boothstown Village Hall and every first Saturday of the month from then on, follow them on Twitter for more details.
  • Repair cafes are also planned for Sale and Salford – I’ll update this post when there is more info on these

For repair cafes further afield, check out https://repaircafe.org/en/visit/

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